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All the Devil's Apples Have Worms By: Jonathan Hall

"Hell's not such a bad place," someone once said to me, "I mean, you get to hang out with the ultimate villianous dude and it's all dark and stuff..." I'm afraid there's more to it than that. Hell isn't some awesome "hang out" place. You'd be suprised how many people have actually come up to me and said that they either didn't believe in hell or that they were "looking forward" to it. They seem to think that if they live their life according to their own whims and desires and evilness (the basis of Satanism) that they will get a high spot in Hell and get to help the devil torture all the other people.

Let's not forget who we're dealing with here....the DEVIL. The devil hates us all....the entire human race....everybody; even the evil ones who revel in sin. Why? Because we're made in God's image. The devil isn't going to "team up" with anybody who looks like God; all he wants to do is torture every person on this planet. The devil loves to try and lure people away from God's plan. He puts pornography on the internet and television, drugs in schools, and evil thoughts in the minds of many. These things seem so attractive at first. Hey--you only live once, right? As long as nobody gets hurt, it's ok to do it, right? Wrong. Every option that the devil puts before us leads to greater pain and agony in our lives and if that path is followed, it leads to eternal pain and suffering in Hell. If you follow God, however, you will find that your life will be blessed and your entire being will be born again and you will feel His presence in your life using you to do His will and to do good everywhere you go.

All of the devil's apples have worms; believe him not. Put your faith in the God who made you and loves you and you will find eternal Peace, Love, and Joy.






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